New Time Zones


New Time Zones is an Indie Rock band started by Guitarist David Rey, and Bassist Harry Duff in 2013. The Two friends from childhood and at the time, Oklahoma State University students, would remain an instrumental project until discovering Vocalist and Lyricist Justin Shelton in 2015. The group would replace several drummers before landing on current drummer, Freddy Bell in 2018. Realizing it's potential, the members began writing and released their debut EP "Silhouettes at a Distance," in 2017. The band would then go on to become Oklahoma National Finalists in Next2Rock 2017 and landing a spot at Norman Music Festival in April of 2018. Currently New Time Zones has plans to release a follow up EP " Stage One" in Fall 2018 with continued dates in studio working on a third release. The group aims to move forward with new shows and a look towards touring in the near future as the band continues to gain momentum and friends among the industry and the fans who make it all possible.


Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard / Justin Shelton
Guitar / David Rey
Bass / Harrison Duff
Drums / Freddy Bell



Stage One

by New Time Zones

Stage One is the second release from New Time Zones and the first of a three part album.


Released October 26, 2018 

Written by New Time Zones 
Justin Shelton-Lyrics/Vocals 
David Rey-Guitar 
Harry Duff-Bass 
Freddy Bell-Drums 

Produced and Mixed by Andrew Bair @Dead Format Records Tulsa 
Mastered by Chris Wylie at Buffalo Hyde Mastering 

Additional Musicians: 
Nathan Price (Drums) 
Andrew Bair (Synths, Keys, Additional Programming) 
Alyssa Cross (Harmonies) 

Artwork by Gareth Davies, aka Spudonkey


Silhouettes at a Distance

by New Time Zones

Released August 22, 2017

All songs written by New Time Zones

Justin Shelton - Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Lyrics
David Rey - Lead Guitar, Composition
Harry Duff - Bass

Mixed, Mastered, Engineered by Andrew Bair
Drums - Dustin Paige

Artwork by Jonathan Shahan, and Cait Brasel
Graphic Design by Katie Ellis


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