Music Releases


Stage One

Stage One was the first step towards a bigger picture for us. Not only because it was part one of three, but it was a fresh pursuit of the music we wanted to create next. It's an expression of our desire to become better musicians and better humans. For me it was a chance to express my love, fear, and memories of youth.The songs remind me of the past, though, a much simpler version. That over time has changed much through a roller coaster of experiences. At the same time, it doesn't allow me to get very far from the current global climate in the world. I believe we’ll keep pushing in the direction of using those topics in our music. We’re going to continue pushing forward and pursuing greatness; I can’t see that ever changing.



Silhouettes at a Distance

We released Silhouettes in late summer 2017, but NTZ didn’t start with our first release. Silhouettes for me started in a bedroom in college hanging out with friends and getting back into music. Once I started getting back into music, and got away from an unintentional hiatus, everything started to fall into place. We grew as a band and began finalizing the first songs that would eventually make it onto Silhouettes. My favorite song on Silhouettes would have to be Water. Mostly, because I feel like it took the longest to get right. We probably rewrote the entire thing 3-5 times and have had multiple iterations of certain parts. If you could hear the iterations of it over the couple years it took us to write, you’d hear the evolution of us really becoming songwriters.