Oklahoma-based New Time Zones was formed in the summer of 2013, when David Rey and Harry Duff—friends from childhood—started a new instrumental indie rock band using their love of beat-heavy, driven rock combined with a taste towards the eclectic.  

While students at Oklahoma State University NTZ stayed an instrumental project until 2015, when Rey and Duff discovered vocalist and lyricist Justin Shelton. After auditioning and working with several drummers, they found a kindred spirit with Freddy Bell in 2018. In 2019 they added their original drummer Otto Stevenson as a second guitar player.

The band wrote and released their debut EP "Silhouettes at a Distance," in 2017 to both local acclaim and widespread sales.  The album’s sound—a collision of driving riffs, down-tempo electronica, and thoughtful vocals—reflected not only an array of musical influences, but more importantly, the band’s sensibilities of driving indie rock with a message.  By the fall of 2018, New Time Zones had already released their EP “Stage One”, the first of a three-part release, across multiple platforms.  Stage One represented an evolution and maturity of the NTZ sound, revealing new lyrical depths and a greater control of powerful melodies. “Stage Two”, their next EP, is set for release in summer 2019.

With new bookings and a tour in the works, New Time Zones only continues to gain momentum moving forward, both with friends in the industry—but more importantly—the fans who make it all possible.